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About Us

Our Food: Science Leads Everything We Do

Chubby Cheeks was born from our experiences rescuing and fostering hamsters. Many arrived into our care with health issues caused by poor nutrition, yet there was no affordable, available and optimal food on the UK market. Commercial UK mixes continue not to offer complete nutrition without fillers, excess sugars, and artificial fortifications that could easily be replaced with natural ingredients.

We utilised our backgrounds and experience to research and develop our own food for the hamsters in our care, never intending to sell. Still, the secret quickly spread within the ethical hamster care community.

Chubby Cheeks is led entirely by the science of veterinary nutrition. Every ingredient in our mix is there for a reason, evidenced by independent research papers, and it looks and smells delicious, too! Our whole food ingredients are organic, and we create each small batch by hand in an FSA-compliant environment, ensuring perfection to the last gram.

From its humble beginnings, Chubby Cheeks has grown into something truly magnificent, something we never imagined.​ Your purchases make amazing happen for hamsters across the country.

Thank you for your continued support!

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