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Highest Quality

Syrian Seed Mix

High-quality, human food grade and organic ingredients to provide the enrichment and variety your hamster needs to thrive!

Chubby Cheeks, the home of Hammykins®

Our Etsy shop is available again! Find us as Hammykins    Hamster Food. For best value with prices and shipping, always order on our website.

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We use the best quality ingredients in our seed mix. Our seeds, grains, vegetables and legumes are all human food grade, and most of our ingredients are organic. This ensures their quality and means your hamster is getting the very best you can buy!

Our food is made with a Level 2 Health & Hygiene certificate.

All of our products are prepared in an environment that handles nuts.

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Bright Horizon Hamster Rescue

We are co-founders of Bright Horizon, a hamster rescue based in South England. We use a substantial proportion of our profits to support and continue their fantastic work!

Please add the Bright Horizon Donation item from our shop to support Bright Horizon further. Alternatively, set up a regular donation. We promise to use this money to rescue hamsters and give them the best care possible.

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Care Guide Photos by Janice Huwiler

Care guide written by cute_groot_the_hamster

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