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Chubby Cheeks Syrian Hamster Food

Chubby Cheeks Syrian Hamster Food

Rating is 5.0 out of five stars based on 15 reviews
VAT Included

Available as 250g or 500g bags.  Suitable for Syrian Hamsters only.


Now lab tested! Trust our seed mix knowing our nutritional analysis has been confirmed by a food test specific laboratory.


Chubby Cheeks Syrian Hamster Food is a nutritionally balanced homemade seed mix. It contains over 30 high quality ingredients, almost all of which are human food grade and organic, and is designed to fulfil all your hamster's nutritional needs. Ingredients: Organic Spelt Grain*, Organic Pot Barley*, Organic Pearl Barley*, Organic Raw Buckwheat*, Organic Mung Beans*, Organic Soya Beans*, Organic Hulled Millet*, Organic Rye Grain*, Mealworms*, Organic Wheat Grain*, Organic Courgette*, Red Pepper*, Freeze Dried Chicken, Organic Oat Groats*, Organic Red Quinoa*, Green Pepper*, Organic Green Split Peas*, Beetroot*, Organic Green Lentils*, Organic Chickpeas*, Red Lentils*, Organic Puffed Millet*, Green Bean*, White Cabbage* Spinach*, Carrot*, Tomato*, Organic Sunflower Seeds*, Organic Chia Seeds*.


Analytical Constituents: Protein: 19.1%, Fat: 9.4%, Fibre: 15.4%


The seed mix also contains Puur Witte Molen Syrian Hamster at a rate of 15%. All ingredients marked with an * are human food grade.


We recommend that you start by feeding 2 teaspoons per day of our Seed Mix. Scatter feed it into their enclosure to provide lots of extra enrichment and help prevent boredom. Check when cleaning how much seed mix is left over, weigh your hamster(s) regularly to check they are not gaining or losing weight and also observe their overall size and body shape and adjust the amount you are feeding accordingly. All of these are good methods of keeping an eye on their health too. Fresh vegetables in your hamster's diet are really important. We would suggest feeding a good variety of hamster-safe vegetables 3-4 times a week. Feed fruit sparingly due to the sugar content. A good guide is a couple of hamster ear-sized pieces of vegetable or fruit in a serving. They also love food such as cooked pasta (no sauce!). There is no need to add extra protein to this mix. Fresh water should always be available.


Chubby Cheeks Syrian Hamster Food has not been fortified, meaning micronutrients have not been calculated or added. The mix includes Puur Witte Molen (15%), which is fortified and commercially available. Our nutritional data may vary slightly as we source natural produce and rely on information from our suppliers. We will always update the packaging should they change.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
Based on 15 reviews
15 reviews

  • Vicky 2 days ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

    My Syrian Oreo loves this food. It smells and looks so nice. Much better than the sugar filled mixes from pet stores. Wouldn’t buy any other brand now! He especially loves the freeze dried chicken!

  • Nicola2 days ago